A Message From Our Publisher Navigating a Troubling Time

Dear Readers, 

As the world navigates the new reality of the rapidly shifting COVID-19 pandemic, we are resolved to continue bringing you useful, relevant news and information for yourself and your community. For now, this means shifting our editorial focus to how the crisis is affecting our readership—whether that be safety and legal considerations for property managers and boards, alternative products and services for buildings, changing legislation and developments in government, or advice and ideas for residents and owners in co-ops, condos, and HOAs across the country. 

As localities increasingly recommend or require people to remain in their homes as much as possible for the duration of the pandemic, the implications for multifamily communities are constantly evolving. The adjustments that buildings and communities make will have a profound impact on slowing the spread of the virus and keeping populations safe and healthy. Yale Robbins Publications will endeavor to be a part of that process, delivering timely and proactive guidance on our website and in our newspapers, and eventually bringing industry players back together at our future Expos. 

We all wish you, your families, and your communities safety, health, and cooperation as we face this disconcerting time together.


Yale Robbins


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