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Management Back view of African American student raising her arm to answer a question during lecture in the classroom.
2023 Winter Property Manager Education & Training

While nobody will deny the importance of formal education and training, talk to enough professionals across the property management industry, and you’re likely to hear that while school was definitely useful, the experience gained on the jo…

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Management Mediation as conflict compromise and solution management tiny person concept. Disagreement and fight communication settlement with help from third party vector illustration. Business deal conversation
2023 Fall Conflict Management

Living in close quarters can—and often does—lead to conflict. In co-op, condo, and HOA communities, conflict can occur between residents, or between a resident and the board. And to complicate matters, a seemingly isolated conflict between …

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Management Young guitarist teasing woman in curlers at a 1970s Disco Music Party
2022 Winter/Expo Tenants, Subleasing, & Non-Resident Owners

In the world of owned residential communities like co-ops, condominiums, and HOAs, the issue of leased or sublet units is often the elephant in the corner of the communal room. Most owners choose to buy their units because they want a stabl…

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Management Vector of a hand putting paper with vote in the ballot box in a laptop computer
2022 Winter/Expo Electronic Voting

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the daily lives of millions in the United States and around the world in myriad ways, including the business of managing an HOA or condo association. Although electronic voting for association elections has be…

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Management goldfish jumping into a tank bigger
2022 Winter/Expo Changing Property Managers

Of the many consequential decisions boards and board members have to make on behalf of their communities, choosing a management company—or a manager within a given firm—is among the biggest. Managers are the point of contact between residen…

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Management A person wearing blue gloves is holding a heavily clogged dirty air filter in hands before replacing it with the new one. Paper based, card board frame plated filters are used in hvac, ac , furnaces.
2021 Winter/Expo Environmental Irritants

For nearly two years now, the pandemic has dominated just about every corner of multifamily community management—particularly when it comes to indoor air quality, circulation, and filtration. But even before anyone had ever heard of COVID-1…

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Management Engineer or inspector checking progressing work in construction site
2021 Winter/Expo 40-Year Building Inspections

For building owners and property managers who may soon be facing the 40-year building recertification process in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, Benjamin Franklin’s advice on prevention is fitting.  The 40-year Building Safety Inspection …

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Management Data storage. Laptop and file cabinet with ring binders. 3d
2021 October Keeping an Often Digital Paper Trail

Large or small, wealthy or humble, condo, HOA, or co-op, all multifamily communities must keep up-to-date records—of finances, meeting minutes, and rules and regulations, to name a key few. In some cases, it’s even required by law. That’s …

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Management Supporting Essential Building Workers
2020 October Supporting Essential Building Workers

While residents of condos, co-ops, and HOAs do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staying in their homes as much as they can, they rely on the supers, porters, valets, doorpeople, janitorial workers, handymen and -women, securi…

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Management Reopening Your Community
Reopening Your Community

Editor’s Note: During this crisis, The Cooperator family of publications will be passing along information, tips, and FAQs submitted by our network of industry professionals, including attorneys, managers, and other subject matter experts. …

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