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2023 Winter Maintaining Your Elevators

The elevator is one of those inventions—along with running hot and cold water and indoor plumbing—that have been around for so long we take it for granted. But elevators obviously weren’t always a part of the architectural landscape. Withou…

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2022 Fall Environmental Irritants

For over two years, the pandemic dominated just about every facet of multifamily community management, impacting everything from how meetings were held to how lobbies were cleaned. One area of particular concern during this unprecedented ti…

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Financial, Physical, & Operational Health

In early 2020, our firm was hired to prepare a reserve study for an unremarkable 136-unit, 12-story condominium in south Florida. It was the kind of association you could drive right by without noticing, not much different from all the othe…

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2021 Winter/Expo Supporting Essential Building Workers

Over the last year and a half, the boards, managers, and residents of condos, HOAs, and other multifamily communities have relied heavily on their supers, porters, doorpeople, janitorial workers, handymen and -women, security personnel, mai…

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2021 Winter/Expo Trends in Multifamily Building Technology

The forward march of innovation is constantly changing the face of nearly every industry—including residential real estate. To keep co-ops, condominiums, and other multifamily communities functioning optimally, we need to keep abreast of th…

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2021 October 40-Year Building Inspections

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in CooperatorNews South Florida’s February 2019 edition. We present it again in light of the tragic condo collapse in Surfside earlier this year to highlight the importance of regular, properl…

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Maintenance two male technician machinist worker at work adjusting elevator mechanism of lift with spanner
2021 October Elevator Refurbishment

No matter how well constructed and carefully maintained, no mechanical system lasts forever—and that goes for elevator cabs and equipment just as much as it applies to roofs or boilers. At some point, your building’s vertical transportation…

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Maintenance Securing Air Quality in the COVID-19 Era
2020 October Securing Air Quality in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has caused more far-ranging, persistent anxiety than any other event in recent history. It has affected our jobs, our living situations, and the way we interact with others, and it’s not done with us yet. Scientists and public heal…

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Maintenance Multifamily Cleaning Tips
March 20, 2020 Multifamily Cleaning Tips

Editor's Note: To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your building or association, procedures and supplies should be in place to encourage proper personal hygiene, as well as routine cleaning and disinfection of high-risk locations. T…

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Maintenance Maintaining Air Quality
Maintaining Air Quality

Any time you have hundreds or even thousands of people living in close quarters – in a multifamily co-op or condo building, say – certain challenges inevitably will arise. One of the bigger ones is how to maintain the flow of fresh, hygieni…

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