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Real Estate Trends Getting a Little Tipsy
2013 November Getting a Little Tipsy

<p> Whether you live in a suburb or in the heart of the city, life is expensive. Sometimes it can feel as though everybody from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to the kid who sacks your groceries is trying to nickel-and-dime yo…

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Real Estate Trends Not the Norm
2013 October Not the Norm

Time was that a nice, spacious condo unit with a good location, a good view and several basic amenities, such a laundry room, a doorman and a gym or pool, were what buyers wanted in South Florida. But as more buildings were construct…

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Real Estate Trends Age-Restricted Communities
2013 October Age-Restricted Communities

Norman Reinhard lives in Century Village at Pembroke Pines, an age-restricted active-adult community in southwest Broward County. He’s an unabashed advocate of its lifestyle. Norman and his wife, Maxine, moved to Century Village at P…

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Real Estate Trends The Heat is On
2013 September The Heat is On

A glance at a chart of average temperatures in South Florida during the summer months reveals only that it gets into the 90s during the daytime in July, August and September, and cools off at night. This belies the reality—that this “av…

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Real Estate Trends Condo This!
2013 May Condo This!

 For seven years, Mira Calton and her husband, Dr. Jayson Calton, owned a  floating home, one of the 165 privately-owned residences on The World, a  644-foot yacht that continuously circumnavigates the globe. Owning a home on  the yacht, w…

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Real Estate Trends Making a Good Impression
2013 March Making a Good Impression

When a celebrity or public figure stands out and charms the public, he or she is said to have charisma—an elusive quality, often described as personality, magnetism, charm or appeal. Whatever you call it, it's highly desirable, thoughtf…

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Real Estate Trends Green by Committee
2013 March Green by Committee

 Green truly is the new black in South Florida. As more and more condos and HOAs  look to save money as expenses rise, more and more boards and unit owners are  exploring ways to incorporate “greening” into their building community.   …

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Real Estate Trends May I Help You?
2013 January May I Help You?

 For most people, there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything  that needs to be done. We rush to pick the kids up from school, make it to that  impromptu work meeting that just got called or even find the time to grab som…

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Real Estate Trends Getting to Know All of You
2012 December Getting to Know All of You

 Whether you're in an urban high-rise or a sprawling suburban condo development,  it can be hard for a new resident to get to know their neighbors. Do you strike  up a conversation in the elevator or the laundry room, or hang around the  b…

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Real Estate Trends Good News Ahead?
2012 December Good News Ahead?

 Local realtors are confident that opportunities await buyers and sellers alike  in South Florida’s 2013 residential real-estate market. The doldrums of the 2006-2010 recession  may finally be in the rear-view mirror. Although prices are t…

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