Modified Order Allows HOA Gyms & Community Rooms to Reopen Strict Rules Still Apply

On Thursday May 14, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 20-122, permitting Broward County to participate in the Phase 1 reopening identified in Executive Order 20-112, Executive Order 20-120, and any future orders pertaining to Phase 1 of the state’s phased reopening plan.

As the first step in what promises to be a long and arduous process, Phase 1 aims to safely guide residents into the “new normal” of this surreal reality. Community associations -- and most importantly the officials who run them -- must continue to coordinate operations in adherence with local municipal regulations and Broward County’s guidelines concerning reopening of additional recreational facilities such as fitness centers, community rooms, and additional amenities. 

The key provisions of Broward County Emergency Order 20-122, Section 8: Community Rooms, Fitness Centers, and Gyms in Housing Developments stipulate the following:

  • Golf courses and other recreational amenities permitted to operate may continue to operate, subject to the CDC Guidelines and the requirements of Emergency Order 20-08.
  • Hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and shower facilities shall remain closed.
  • Community rooms, fitness centers, and gyms located within multifamily housing developments or community associations -- but excluding standalone commercial facilities -- may operate, provided all such operations are consistent with the following guidelines:
  • No community room, fitness center, or gym is required to be opened if the housing development does not wish to do so, or believes it cannot do so safely and in full compliance with the requirements of this Emergency Order; any decision by a particular housing development is also subject to any applicable internal rules or regulations of that entity.

Capacity Requirements

  • Maximum 50% occupancy. Social distancing requirements do not apply to members of the same household.
  • Community rooms, fitness centers, and gyms shall be limited to residents of the housing development only. No guests shall be allowed.

  • Exercise machines, equipment and tables must be rearranged and/or closed for use to ensure at least 6 feet of distance between patrons using such machines, equipment, or tables. Social distancing guidelines provided by the CDC shall be adhered to at all times.

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