Boynton Beach, Florida The Gateway to the Gold Coast

 With sunny skies, warm temperatures and an ideal location along the Atlantic  Coast, adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway, tourists are flocking to Boynton  Beach by the droves.

 Tourists aren’t the only group heading along the Atlantic shoreline to Boynton Beach. Miami  transplants fleeing that town’s increasing population, crowded sidewalks and traffic jams, as well as winter  weary New Yorkers escaping frigid winters, are also discovering Boynton Beach’s excellent array of shopping, dining, nightlife, golf courses, sandy beaches  and fresh and salt water fishing.  

 Boynton is located only fifty miles north of Miami in Palm Beach County on  Florida’s famed Gold Coast. The Gold Coast, named after gold coins, chains and other treasures salvaged from  shipwrecks off its coastline, not for its residents’ tanned, sun-kissed skin, is becoming an increasingly popular destination.  

 In spite of the city’s name, Boynton Beach, has no beachfront and is located across the Intracoastal  Waterway from the oceanfront municipalities of Ocean Ridge and Briny Breezes.  The town’s motto is “The Gateway to the Gulf Stream,” because of its close proximity to the Atlantic Gulf Stream (a powerful, warm  and swift Atlantic Ocean current) that follows the eastern coastlines of the  United States.  

 The Birth of Boynton

 Namesake Nathan Smith Boynton was born June 23, 1837 in Port Huron, Michigan.  After graduating high school, Boynton worked in Cincinnati, New Orleans and St.  Louis as a farmer’s work hand, grocery store clerk, buggy-whip manufacturer and carpenter. Along  the way Boynton married and had six children. In 1860, he named his first son  Charles Lincoln Boynton. The middle name was in honor of the country’s newly elected president, whose strong anti-slavery position mirrored his own  views.  


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  • Dear P.,Sorry I have not been entertaining! I'm rellay glad you are reading. I was a little pressed for time on the last posting. But let me tell you there is always something interesting happening at the Argosy. We just had Turkey Rod Run and all these buildings built in 1953 were remembering the way it was when they were new. The antique cars just took them back in time. We have pics of when the motel was new. We'll be posting it as soon as we can. The Argosy looked just like those old pics just days ago during the Thanksgiving Holiday. The whole town was full of old cars and people that love them. It was great!Sincerely,Sharon, one half of the beach bums