Keeping the Grass Greener Caring for Lawns and Landscaping in South Florida

Florida is known for sunshine, palm trees, and sandy beaches. At first glance, lawns and lawn care, outside of luxurious golf courses, may seem to be non-issues for many Floridians. But step away from the beaches and Floridians, like most Americans, have a love affair with lush green turf.

Where the grass is greener, in Florida’s sub-tropical climate, keeping it that way can be the challenge. After all, South Florida pretty much experiences nine months of summer, and a very short, mild, dormant season that passes for winter. When you factor in a rainy season, and the very real possibility of drought, it is easy to understand that putting down sod is one thing, and keeping it maintained and growing is an entirely different issue.

Condominium and homeowners associations often find landscaping and lawn care the largest line item in the budget after insurance. Fortunately, the Florida climate also attracts many lawn and landscape professionals to take the guesswork and unnecessary expense out of installing and maintaining attractive and healthy turf. Landscaping adds to a property’s real and perceived value, not only for current residents, but for those seeking a new address to call home.

Nothing ups the ante on curb appeal quite like well-maintained landscaping and colorful plants.

Most of Florida’s population has migrated to the Sunshine State, so board members, property management teams and residents in general often find that what works well in another part of the country is not effective for installing or maintaining a lush landscape in Florida’s climate. Additionally, pest and weeds here present a different challenge compared to most other states. If there is ever a time to call an expert, it is when current or upcoming lawn and landscaping issues need swift, cost-effective attention.


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  • I live in SE Florida. I have regular problems with bare grass patches in my backyard. I water twice a week. Is this enough ? I have used grass fertilizer but it does not to seem to make a difference. The grass goes yellow first in the places where the problems occur ? Is it possible to over water grass ??? By the way no weed problems. Would appreciate some advice. Thanks