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Building Covering Your Bases
2012 November Covering Your Bases

 Warranties for products are simple to understand, most people might think. You  go to the store, buy a computer or a DVD player or a TV, or even a larger  appliance like a refrigerator, and you get a piece of paper describing a  one-year …

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Building Holiday Harmony
2011 November Holiday Harmony

 One of my young daughter’s favorite YouTube clips involves an elaborately decorated house, whose  thousands of colored Christmas lights were programmed to flicker, strobe, wave,  and blink to the tune of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s har…

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Building Maintaining Swimming Pools and Spas
2011 November Maintaining Swimming Pools and Spas

 Are your community’s swimming pool and hot tub VGB-compliant? Do you know what that means?    VGB stands for Virginia Graeme Baker, a seven-year-old girl who drowned in June  of 2002 when she became stuck after being sucked into a …

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Building On the Up-and-Up
2011 November On the Up-and-Up

No matter whether you're traveling light or burdened with an armload of groceries, nobody likes to climb stairs. Recognizing this, mid- and high-rise condo developments frequently count elevators among their amenities of convenience—an…

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Building Breathe Easy
2011 November Breathe Easy

 The old axiom about things that are out-of-sight also being out-of-mind often  goes double when it comes to the inner workings of a building’s operating system. The maze of wires, pipes, and ducts is a mystery to the  untrained person or …

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Building Protecting Your Community
2011 November Protecting Your Community

In Florida, humans share space with all manner of reptiles; most noteworthy are alligators and several species of exotic snakes. Humans and reptiles thrive in Florida’s semi-tropical climate, and learning how to co-exist safely, is a hu…

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