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Energy Conservation South Florida Takes the LEED
2013 September South Florida Takes the LEED

There are two ways—and only two ways—to balance a budget: increase revenue, or decrease spending. Whether you’re the treasurer of a co-op or condo board or the President of the United States, those are the only two levers at your disposa…

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Energy Conservation Ten Hot ( and Cool ) Tips
2012 September Ten Hot ( and Cool ) Tips

 Energy efficiency has become a “buzz word” over the past couple years in South Florida and more and more gadgets and  devices have come on the market that are specifically designed to use less  energy. Saving energy does a lot more than j…

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Energy Conservation Garbage In, Garbage Out
2012 September Garbage In, Garbage Out

We as a culture produce a lot of trash—and not just in the form of reality television shows, late night infomercials, and bad romance novels. We put the debris from our meals, our projects, our newly acquired goods and wares, and just a…

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Energy Conservation Green Pioneers
2012 September Green Pioneers

 Going green doesn’t have anything to do with choosing a natural paint color for your kitchen, or  planting a new bed of romaine lettuce in your community garden. But the phrase  can have many different meanings and can be done across a br…

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Energy Conservation Help with Going Green
2012 September Help with Going Green

The 14th Street Townhomes, a 36-unit Pompano Beach condominium built in 1991, doesn’t have a vast expanse of grass. It occupies less than five acres of land, yet in 2008 it began saving 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of drinking water a year b…

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Energy Conservation Going Green
2012 July Going Green

 If your association is thinking about taking a more natural approach to its  landscape, giving up toxic chemicals in favor of organic solutions, consider  yourself special.    According to Ian Orlikoff, owner of Eco Logic Land Care…

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Energy Conservation Caulk it Up
2012 July Caulk it Up

 With the possible exception of fire, nothing is more damaging to residential  buildings and the property of their occupants as leaks. Whether it’s a torrential deluge from the upstairs neighbor’s overflowing bathtub or a slow, seeping lea…

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Energy Conservation Q&A: Strictly Confidential
2011 September Q&A: Strictly Confidential

Q When a management agent of a condominium receives a complaint from a homeowner  about another homeowner, is management allowed to tell the homeowner the name  of the complaint? Is this ethical and is there a real estate rule about how  …

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Energy Conservation Q&A: Non-Paying Board President
2011 September Q&A: Non-Paying Board President

Q Can a condominium owner be elected president if they have a lien on their condo due to not paying some of their maintenance fees due to the condo?Is this a conflict of interest? —Concerned Condo Owner A “As a result …

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Energy Conservation Q&A: Jettisoning a Bad Board?
2011 September Q&A: Jettisoning a Bad Board?

b>Q We are a group of majority unit owners in a condominium having problems removing  the board of managers – who are not complying with the bylaws. We, as the majority owners, have signed  a petition to vote them out. We did everything nec…

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