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Finance In The Black
2015 July In The Black

Taking care of a co-op or condo building’s budget and finances is a big job. Handling such large sums of money is an important responsibility, and not every shareholder or unit owner has the expertise to do the job well. Sure, most people …

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Finance Money Talks
2015 July Money Talks

Imagine sitting down with your significant other to pay the monthly bills. You both put your checks into a joint account and know how much there is to take care of expenses, or so you think. Out of his wallet your husband pulls out receipt…

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Finance Pay Up!
2014 December Pay Up!

The slowly-ebbing recession that’s been going on in South Florida and across the nation since the mid-2000s has affected far more than home prices and mortgage rates; it also has a huge effect on monthly HOA fees. The great majority …

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Finance Financial Firestorms
2014 July Financial Firestorms

In an upscale lakeside community near Orlando, the pace of home sales unaccountably accelerated in 2009. At first, the new owners paid their assessments and fees. Then some of the homes were rented to subtenants, and others changed hands a…

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Finance Cutting Costs – Without Cutting Corners
2014 July Cutting Costs – Without Cutting Corners

As the 2012 federal legislative fiasco over the debt ceiling—as well as any number of other spending bills proposed since then—demonstrated, balancing a budget can be like pulling teeth. Balancing a condo or HOA community's budget can some…

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Finance Budgeting and the Bottom Line
2014 July Budgeting and the Bottom Line

Preparing the annual budget is by no means an easy task. Those charged with preparing condominium or HOA budgets will soon begin reviewing costs, gathering data and projecting expenses for the coming year. Communities, businesses, individu…

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Finance It's a Capital Idea
2013 August It's a Capital Idea

These days, just about everyone is cutting back on spending, whether to make ends meet, save for something special or a rainy day, pay off debt or fund their retirement. Consumers are cutting coupons, looking for deals and keeping a cl…

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Finance Follow the Money
2013 July Follow the Money

 If you want to find out about the history of a town, region or country, head to  a museum or look it up on the Internet. If you want to find out about your  family’s history, look at your photo album, whether it’s in a book or online. And…

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Finance Coping with Arrears
2013 July Coping with Arrears

 The foundation of any properly run co-op or condo building rests on residents  paying their monthly maintenance fees on time and in full, with no delays or  delinquencies. Unfortunately, because of the lingering effects of the Recession  …

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Finance Watch Your Language
2013 July Watch Your Language

 A major building rehabilitation for a large condominium community included  impact-resistant replacement windows, at a six-figure cost for materials alone.  The owners’ association advanced money to the contractor to buy the windows. When…

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