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Exterior Community Association Advocates Victorious
2011 April Community Association Advocates Victorious

 Pressured by community association advocates throughout the Sunshine State, the  Florida Legislature backed off a proposed bill (HB 5005) that would have  eliminated licensing for community association managers and deregulated the  indust…

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Exterior Cleaning Green
2011 April Cleaning Green

 During a live National Public Radio interview, much to the consternation of the  announcer and engineer, Gil Oren spray-painted a window between the recording  studio and the control room.    Oren is chief operating officer of Miam…

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Exterior The Building Superintendent/Chief Engineers' Role
2011 April The Building Superintendent/Chief Engineers' Role

 The role of the building superintendent or chief engineer for a condo or co-op  will often vary by property and location. Nowhere is that more evident than in  Florida, the Sunshine State, the land of “55-plus communities” and a retiree’s…

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Exterior Maintenance Matters
2011 April Maintenance Matters

Don't be fooled by the scenery; property management in Florida is not a day at the beach. While managers in Boston or Chicago may look longingly at their colleagues' sunny southern properties, the overall job description doesn’t really …

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Maintenance Building Better in Surfside’s Wake
Building Better in Surfside’s Wake

The tragic partial collapse and subsequent demolition of the Champlain Towers South Condominium in Surfside, Florida this past June revealed some gaping holes in the structures, governance, and oversight of the country’s multifamily buildin…

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