2012 January
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Revenue or Reduction
2012 January Revenue or Reduction

 It’s the same dilemma that single-family households across the United States are  facing: How much money can we afford to pay for the services we want? And  should we stretch ourselves thin, taking more out of our bank accounts to pay  fo…

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Management A Manager's Life
2012 January A Manager's Life

When your community, co-op or condominium building is externally managed, the bills get paid, assessments get collected, light bulbs get changed, and lawns get mowed. And believe it or not, it’s not little elves that take care of these …

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Management Friend Us on Facebook
2012 January Friend Us on Facebook

 With smart-phones dominating the cellular market, people now have Internet  access anywhere and everywhere they go. While shopping and “googling” are leading reasons to use the Internet, the rise of social media has radically  changed the…

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Management A Matter of Style
2012 January A Matter of Style

When visiting different doctors, have you noticed that they all have different personalities? One doctor is friendly and talkative, but another is the polar opposite—he forgoes the chit-chat, completes a thorough examination, and says g…

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Real Estate Trends Aging in Place
2012 January Aging in Place

Citizens over the age of 65 comprise nearly 13 percent of the U.S. population—just under 40 million seniors. By 2030, it is estimated that 72 million Americans will be over the age of 65, nearly doubling those numbers. Where this volume …

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Real Estate Trends Managing Properties in Tough Times
2012 January Managing Properties in Tough Times

The economy cratered—to use a term in popular parlance at that time—in September 2008, with the collapse of too-big-to-fail Lehman Brothers. While the measures undertaken by the federal government and the Federal Reserve averted complet…

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Law & Legislation RIP Fannie & Freddie?
2012 January RIP Fannie & Freddie?

 One of the biggest issues in the real estate industry over the past year has  been the speculation that government-sponsored mortgage programs Fannie Mae and  Freddie Mac will be ending. For the past 70 years, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac  …

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Law & Legislation Not Just a Pretty Face
2012 January Not Just a Pretty Face

 Descriptions of “vintage,” “refurbished” and “pre-owned” can persuade the decision toward some purchases—cars, computers, that perfect James Dean-era leather jacket—but for South Florida homebuyers, the allure of shiny and new is often to…

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Management Working Towards a Resolution
2012 January Working Towards a Resolution

 Sometimes in the heat of the moment, when disagreements are at their worst, the  possibility of solving a problem without going to court seems remote at best.  Arguments may have been brewing for days or weeks with each side becoming more…

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Q&A: Lack of Attendance at Meetings
2012 January Q&A: Lack of Attendance at Meetings

Q Our association holds monthly meetings on the same time, day and location every month. Notices are posted in the elevators and common areas one week in advance—yet no one attends. If binding votes are required to be in the presence of …

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Q&A: Covertly Taping Meetings
2012 January Q&A: Covertly Taping Meetings

Q We have recently found that a member of our co-op's board of directors had  covertly taped the conversations during a board meeting and a board interview  with a prospective purchaser. We have also learned that she has submitted this  t…

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