2014 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation Top 10 Energy Tips
2014 September Top 10 Energy Tips

There’s probably not a condo, HOA or co-op board that doesn’t worry about money at some point or another, which is why staying on top of the latest money-saving opportunities is vital for any building or community to be successful. One of …

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Energy Conservation Submetering for Savings
2014 September Submetering for Savings

It’s a beautiful Friday night and you’re out to dinner with four of your best buddies. The restaurant's ambiance is exquisite and the food is divine. You’re on a budget, so you stick to ordering a delicious appetizer and some tasty soup, w…

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Q&A The Recycling Cycle
2014 September The Recycling Cycle

Florida is trashy. Literally. Every day, the people living in the Sunshine State produce hundreds of tons of trash—paper, plastic, organic, metal, glass...you name it. Once all that garbage is carted away from their driveways and sto…

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Law & Legislation Dishes & Towers
2014 September Dishes & Towers

While the era of massive, NASA-sized satellite dishes is long past (unless you’re in a very old building, or have held on to an antique dish out of nostalgia), the advent of smaller apparatus—as well as rooftop cell phone towers—has brough…

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Q&A Q&A: Wet & Wild
2014 September Q&A: Wet & Wild

Q The neighbor that lives above me has let water leak a number of times onto my ceiling. She has paid me off the books for the specific areas that she has damaged over the years, all at different times. My question today is this. Can I su…

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