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Board Operations Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!
2013 May Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

 Read any of the major business publications or websites and you’re bound to find articles on the importance of delegating. It’s one of the most fundamental skills for a successful business owner to have. A  simple Internet search finds sc…

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Board Operations Write That Down!
2013 March Write That Down!

 On a given day, life is filled with so many things that you need to remember  that it’s almost impossible to retain it all. For example, can you remember the dates of  your car’s last oil changes or the mileage on your car? Or when you ha…

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Board Operations Breaking Bad
2013 March Breaking Bad

 As the old saw goes, one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. The same idea  often holds true for residents who choose to ignore bylaws or house rules, even  if they are well-intended and in place to serve the greater good of the  communi…

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Owner Relations Taming Transient Turnmoil
2013 February Taming Transient Turnmoil

 As housing markets in many parts of the country—including South Florida—have foundered, many developers have opted to convert portions of communities  originally intended to be condominiums into rental properties.    When a develop…

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Law & Legislation Knowledge is Power
2013 February Knowledge is Power

While essential to the successful operation of all cooperatives or condominiums, governing documents are often only glossed over by otherwise well-intentioned board members, residents and property managers leading to potential pitfalls.…

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Owner Relations Building a Better Board
2013 February Building a Better Board

 Working in groups can be a challenge. Working in groups when people’s homes—and possibly their life savings—are involved can be a far greater challenge. It’s one faced every day by those brave souls who volunteer to serve on their co-op  …

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Owner Relations Better, Stronger, Faster...
2013 February Better, Stronger, Faster...

 These days, there are few people who don’t have a business website, a Facebook account and even a Twitter handle. It’s the same for buildings.    As the rise of online social media invades nearly every aspect of our daily  life, co…

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Board Operations Dealing with the Difficult
2013 January Dealing with the Difficult

 As an attorney and an apartment dweller, Michelle Freudenberger has seen it all  when it comes to living with difficult residents.    “I lived next door to twin toddlers whose parents were both attorneys,” says Freudenberger, princ…

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Board Operations Please Come to Order
2012 December Please Come to Order

 In a community association or HOA meeting, without procedural rules and  organization, it’s amazing how quickly a room full of adults can devolve into a room full of  toddlers—everyone talking over one another and no one listening, insuri…

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Board Operations Meeting Masters
2012 December Meeting Masters

 Disorganized and poorly-run board meetings are time-wasters that can make even  the most ardent board member cringe at the thought of an upcoming session. On  the flip side, a well-run board meeting can be a productive hour or two or  thr…

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