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Board Operations Keeping the Look
2012 November Keeping the Look

 Most people assume that as soon as they buy their first home, they will finally  have the freedom to paint their decks purple, to hang fluorescent window  treatments and colorful sconces, or to litter their lawns with political or  yard s…

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Board Operations Getting Out the Vote
2012 October Getting Out the Vote

 When it comes to running board elections in a condo or co-op community, the  biggest concern among those involved is making sure the elections are fair and  balanced and nobody has a reason to cry foul. Elections can be heated as it is,  …

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Board Operations Boards Underwater
2012 October Boards Underwater

Global financier JP Morgan Chase owes the Keys Gate Community Association, Inc., in Homestead almost $20,000. The bank foreclosed on the borrower of a condominium unit and took title to it, then paid no maintenance fees for almost two y…

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Board Operations Getting Ahead of the Curve
2012 October Getting Ahead of the Curve

 Being elected to a condo or HOA board is a great feather in one’s cap, but it’s important to understand what the job requires. To encourage boards to be more  proactive in dispatching their duties, the Florida Department of Business and  …

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Board Operations Renters on the Rise...
2012 September Renters on the Rise...

As the housing market in many parts of the country has floundered, many developers have taken creative approaches to stanch the outward flow of cash. In many markets, this means opting to convert portions of developments originally int…

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Law & Legislation Writing the Rules
2012 July Writing the Rules

 Nothing stays the same forever. As community standards, attitudes and  populations shift and evolve, rules and regulations that once made sense or  that reflected the views and standards of their day can become antiquated,  irrelevant, or…

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Law & Legislation What's Up on the Docket
2012 July What's Up on the Docket

With millions of Floridians affected by laws pertaining to condominiums, co-ops and HOAs, the upcoming state legislative session will include discussion of bills that touch a large percentage of the state’s population and may well bring…

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Law & Legislation Not Just a Pretty Face
2012 January Not Just a Pretty Face

 Descriptions of “vintage,” “refurbished” and “pre-owned” can persuade the decision toward some purchases—cars, computers, that perfect James Dean-era leather jacket—but for South Florida homebuyers, the allure of shiny and new is often to…

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Law & Legislation RIP Fannie & Freddie?
2012 January RIP Fannie & Freddie?

 One of the biggest issues in the real estate industry over the past year has  been the speculation that government-sponsored mortgage programs Fannie Mae and  Freddie Mac will be ending. For the past 70 years, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac  …

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Board Operations Fort Lauderdale
2011 October Fort Lauderdale

 Previously overshadowed by its neighbor—Miami—during the past few decades Fort Lauderdale has become a stand-alone  destination. It's a major yachting center and resort area that has become a  major port for cruise passengers. Despite the…

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