2011 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Management Matters
2011 October Management Matters

 In the first few years of this new century, the view was pretty rosy; it seemed  like property values would do nothing but rise forever. Monthly HOA meetings  actually attracted crowds. HOA boards even had extra money in their budgets.  …

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Board Operations FLA Confidential
2011 October FLA Confidential

 This in an anxious time in which to sit on the board of directors. With defaults  and foreclosures accounting for some 20 percent or more of the units at some  condominiums, frustration among association members is off the charts.   …

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Board Operations Meetings 101
2011 October Meetings 101

 If you live in a condo or a co-op, you’ve probably noticed that your building has at least one annual unit owner or  shareholder meeting each year.    It’s not random. The annual meeting is actually a Florida state-mandated law tha…

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Board Operations Snowbirds in Flight
2011 October Snowbirds in Flight

 Birds in flight may be beautiful, but their departure sometimes leaves the nest  unprotected. And when that nest is in a condominium community, property  managers and boards must do their best to compensate.    This region is full …

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Board Operations Creative Financing Options
2011 October Creative Financing Options

 The rippling effects of the recent recession has required all boards and  property managers to investigate progressive ways to ensure that their bottom  line is covered. While the latter has always been the inherent goal, the  existing te…

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Board Operations Childproofing Your Home
2011 October Childproofing Your Home

 When you’re decorating your home, there are two things you want to bear in mind if you  have children. You want to keep the design functional, but safe. After all,  anyone who’s ever had, or just looked after, a baby or toddler, can tell …

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Board Operations Know your Role
2011 October Know your Role

 Clear and open communication between a condo or HOA board and its manager keeps  a community running like a well-oiled machine, with roles defined and followed.    Strains in that relationship can cause breakdowns in the machine, a…

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Board Operations Fort Lauderdale
2011 October Fort Lauderdale

 Previously overshadowed by its neighbor—Miami—during the past few decades Fort Lauderdale has become a stand-alone  destination. It's a major yachting center and resort area that has become a  major port for cruise passengers. Despite the…

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Q&A: Limiting the Number of Rentals
2011 October Q&A: Limiting the Number of Rentals

Q The big issue in our condominium complex is to gain control over the number of rentals in the association. Is there a hard-and-fast rule as to the effect of rentals on the value of our units? Owners who rent claim that controls are d…

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Q&A: Taking Charge on Repairs
2011 October Q&A: Taking Charge on Repairs

Q If there is damage to my roof and it leaks into my condominium unit and I reported it to the board three times with no repairs made, can I repair it myself and deduct the cost from my common charges? Please advise. —Exasperated…

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