2012 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance Bargain or Looming Disaster?
2012 August Bargain or Looming Disaster?

 Even if you aren’t a customer of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, if you live in Florida,  you’re still a 'citizen' of the state-owned insurance company. To repay the enormous  outlays for damage claims from past hurricanes, Citiz…

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Insurance Mind the Gap
2012 August Mind the Gap

 Insurance is designed to be there for us when we need it most. Without knowing  the full extent of our coverage, though, we may find ourselves with less  protection than we thought. For condominium owners, it is imperative to  understand …

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Insurance How Much is Enough?
2012 August How Much is Enough?

 Legendary funny man Benny Goodman once said, “I don’t want to tell you how much insurance I carry with the Prudential, but all I can  say is: when I go, they go too!” The comedian hits on all-important issue: how much insurance is too muc…

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Insurance Under Your Wing
2012 August Under Your Wing

 Remember your first day at a new school? Most likely, you didn’t know a soul, had no idea what the students were learning and you probably felt  nervous, intimidated or maybe even afraid. In most cases, this is what it’s like to be a new …

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Insurance Keep it Above Board
2012 August Keep it Above Board

 When you serve on a board, sometimes you get a feeling of empowerment. After  all, you bear a great deal of responsibility for how well (or how poorly) your  building or HOA fares during your tenure. However, it’s important not to let tha…

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Maintenance Brew Your Own Juice
2012 August Brew Your Own Juice

 Among the many perils experienced by Floridians during the blackouts and  hurricanes that swept the state in the middle of the last decade,  non-functioning emergency systems in condominium buildings were a major  problem.    As a …

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Maintenance The Sound & the Fury
2012 August The Sound & the Fury

 Noise is a key quality-of-life problem for almost anyone living in a  densely-packed urban environment. It's the bane of many a condo-dweller’s existence, and over the years engineers, architects, and designers have tried  any number of w…

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Q&A: Water World?
2012 August Q&A: Water World?

Q I've had a long existing leak in my full bathroom since the shareholders above  me have moved in. It so happens that the shareholder's son runs a bath for as  long as two hours at a time, blasting the water full force. Over time this ha…

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Q&A: Gift Giving Policies
2012 August Q&A: Gift Giving Policies

Q Our condominium association gives out gifts (in monetary form) to the  association employees that work in our building. Gifts are made to the board president, who sets up a separate bank account, and  then decides how the money given sh…

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