2013 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Listen Up!
2013 June Listen Up!

While some condos and HOAs have a lawyer present on its board, the majority of boards don’t have a legal expert and often reach out to their lawyer to answer questions, vet documents, send the occasional stern letter to a contractor or …

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Law & Legislation Handling Lawsuits
2013 June Handling Lawsuits

 Lawsuits are usually not an association’s go-to method for dispute resolution. Expensive and time-consuming, they can  quickly turn into a financial burden and may create strained relations in the  community. Unfortunately, in some cases …

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Board Operations A Mighty Wind
2013 June A Mighty Wind

 For South Floridians, it isn’t news that hurricanes are a fact of life. Powerful storms have caused property  damage and, sadly, many deaths with frightening regularity—including the 1919 hurricane in Key West that killed more than 800 pe…

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Neighborhoods Fort Myers, Florida
2013 June Fort Myers, Florida

 Known for its pristine white sand beaches, deep-sea fishing and golf courses,  Fort Myers is quickly becoming one of South Florida's go-to destinations for  those seeking a spot that offers as much recreational activities as it does  hist…

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Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors
2013 June Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Q We have been having problems with our upstairs neighbors. Right above us, they  seem to be playing musical chairs all evening long. Needless to say, it’s totally nerve-wracking trying to sit and converse or watch TV. We have had  words …

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Q&A: Serving in Dual Roles
2013 June Q&A: Serving in Dual Roles

Q We have a small condo association and it is difficult, as I assume it is for  most, to get people to serve on our board. The idea came up to have one person  serve as the treasurer/secretary. In Florida is this legal? Is it something  t…

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