2014 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Programs

Recreational Amenities Going Green to Save Green
2014 May Going Green to Save Green

The sudden emergence of Kermit the Frog as a box office draw is not an accident—it seems that everywhere, everybody is 'going green.' The term is shorthand for a movement of environmental awareness, and it involves everything from the way …

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Recreational Amenities From Sand Lots to Play Dates
2014 May From Sand Lots to Play Dates

Sixty years ago, work and play were very different. A majority of women remained in the home, in both urban and suburban settings. The mostly male heads of households went off to work, and children went off to school and play. Since then, …

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Recreational Amenities Beyond the Laundry Room
2014 May Beyond the Laundry Room

The dust has mostly settled from the recession, and the market sector that caters to clientele with deep pockets is becoming one of the strongest parts of the American economy. Bigger is better, and glamor definitely sells when it comes to…

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Recreational Amenities What's Your Style?
2014 May What's Your Style?

As most folks know, the Miami metropolitan area has a large collection of landmark Art Deco architecture. Most of these iconic buildings are beachfront hotels, but some of them are residential. A confluence of events lead to this concentra…

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Management Multifamily Laundry Options
2014 May Multifamily Laundry Options

Many new condos and HOAs offer in-unit washers and dryers as an enticing amenity, but for those living in older building or high-rise apartments, more than likely residents will have to share a common laundry room. In most cases, lau…

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Design Design for All
2014 May Design for All

Of all the responsibilities that come with being a board member or manager of a residential building, few are as important as ensuring the safety of your residents. Making and clearly communicating emergency plans, marking entrance/egress …

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Q&A Q&A: Serving on the Board
2014 May Q&A: Serving on the Board

Q “I am the vice president of a small condo community and we are trying to find out if non-homeowners can serve on the board. Several of the homeowners would like renters to have a proxy vote. However, being a proxy and voting for an abse…

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