2015 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance Insurance: A Must-Have or Couldn’t Hurt?
2015 August Insurance: A Must-Have or Couldn’t Hurt?

From equipment failure and personal injuries to tornadoes and tropical storms, disasters happen, and any condominium association worth its salt knows that it needs to be prepared for a rainy day. Actually, even the most disreputable associ…

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Insurance Homesharing and Insurance
2015 August Homesharing and Insurance

In cities like Miami and Palm Beach, where even the most profligate among us may shed a tear or two at hotel room prices, the homesharing trend has grown by leaps and bounds. With more condo and HOA residents than ever renting out their un…

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Insurance Understanding Your Coverage
2015 August Understanding Your Coverage

Sometimes insurance and the terms that accompany it can feel like a completely foreign language. It can be mystifying and overwhelming, whether for individual condo residents or the board members who oversee the community as a whole. …

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Q&A Q&A: Abolishing the Reserve Fund
2015 August Q&A: Abolishing the Reserve Fund

Q I live in a Florida HOA and we have had reserve accounts for our roofs/painting since our 1986 inception. Approximately $4.00 of every homeowner's maintenance fee goes into the reserve account that we have set up. However, at a recen…

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Q&A Q&A: A Bad Super
2015 August Q&A: A Bad Super

Q How do I get rid of a lackluster maintenance person? This person is non-unionized. Are we allowed to terminate underperforming in-house staff personnel? What recourse do we have? —Helpless in Hollywood A “I am assumin…

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Q&A Q&A: How About a Bad Manager
2015 August Q&A: How About a Bad Manager

Q I live in a condo community where owners tend to be apathetic and not get involved. The board consists of three people who serve because no one els e will. At issue is the property manager, who does not believe in communication or fo…

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