2015 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Going by the Book
2015 October Going by the Book

It happens in business, government, and industry every day: employees learn the rules of a new job, and very shortly thereafter, they start taking shortcuts to circumvent them. Rarely is this done with malicious intent. More often, it is s…

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Board Operations Noise Rules
2015 October Noise Rules

When you live in a multifamily building, however, peace and quiet can be hard to come by. From the guy upstairs who gargles loudly at precisely 6:47 a.m. every morning to the neighbor with the yapping Chihuahua—at some point the soundtrack…

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Law & Legislation Who Do You Call?
2015 October Who Do You Call?

In most instances, the board or management team of a condo or HOA is equipped to handle the wide variety of issues that arise day-to-day, from a leaky roof to dealing with municipal bureaucracy. There are other, bigger issues—things like e…

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Q&A Q&A: Audit Audacity
2015 October Q&A: Audit Audacity

Q I own 2 units in a Florida co-op that has 250 units. The resort has rental sales in excess of $500,000 annually. Our last audit was done over ten years ago and with the new law regarding audits I understand that there MUST be an audi…

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