2017 December
Focus on... Building Maintenance/Expo

Security Non-Owner Residents
2017 December Non-Owner Residents

Aside from yourself, who exactly may live in your condo or co-op unit? While you as the owner might believe you have the sole authority to make that decision, most (if not all) condominium and co-op properties today have policies spelled ou…

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Security Handling and Storing Hazardous Materials
2017 December Handling and Storing Hazardous Materials

It takes a lot of different tools and materials to keep multifamily buildings looking, smelling and functioning at their best. That means that maintenance crews, contractors, snow removal teams and other staff members must rely upon sometim…

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Security Safety Inspections
2017 December Safety Inspections

Whether living in a crowded high-rise or a sprawling suburban community, when it comes to condos, co-ops and homeowners’ associations, safety is paramount. From management to the board to fellow residents, it falls to everyone to show conce…

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Maintenance Safety and Security
2017 December Safety and Security

Education, awareness, and cooperation between management, boards, and residents can make a huge difference in deterring crime in and around a building. Some basic behavioral adjustments – making sure nobody follows you into the building wit…

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Board Operations Board Overreach
2017 December Board Overreach

Did you hear the one about the Florida family that was about to be kicked out of their HOA because the wife had just had twins? The family already had one child, and the arrival of the twins would put them over the two-kids-per-unit allowed…

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Board Operations Board Elections
2017 December Board Elections

Elections are a complicated process. From voting to counting ballots, avoiding even the possibility of fraud...the involvement of Russia…um, wait a minute. We’re getting ahead of ourselves here. In the context of a homeowners’ association o…

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Board Operations Security Assessments
2017 December Security Assessments

According to most experts, current overall crime rates in America’s 30 largest cities are at historic lows. This crime data comes directly from local police departments in those cities – and while these figures are seen as a positive by law…

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Real Estate Trends Multifamily Holiday Celebrations
2017 December Multifamily Holiday Celebrations

It’s that time of the year again – the Halloween candy is long gone; the leftovers from that Thanksgiving meal are a distant memory; and Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s are all approaching, complete with sparkly lights and orna…

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Q&A Q&A: Destruction of a Children’s Playground
2017 December Q&A: Destruction of a Children’s Playground

Q. I purchased my condo unit in 2005 with amenities that included 24-hour security, two pools, a parking lot, and a children’s playground.  This past summer, our board destroyed the children’s playground to create additional parking, and …

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Q&A Q&A: Greasing the Vote?
2017 December Q&A: Greasing the Vote?

Q. We have a board member who goes around to elderly owners to have them fill out proxies so they vote for him. This person also pays for 100 owners to have a dinner at the clubhouse to win votes. He has been doing this for years with no …

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Q&A Q&A: Owner Who Owes Money Now Declares Bankruptcy
2017 December Q&A: Owner Who Owes Money Now Declares Bankruptcy

Q. What can be done if a unit owner, who has not paid his or her maintenance for a year and owes the association $30,000, has now declared bankruptcy? How does the association get its money?             —Neighbors Seeking Recourse A. …

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