2012 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Mark the Date
2012 October Mark the Date

 Mark your calendars! The date for The South Florida Cooperator’s first annual South Florida Condo, HOA, & Co-op Expo, is fast approaching. This year’s inaugural event will be held at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County  Convention …

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Board Operations Getting Ahead of the Curve
2012 October Getting Ahead of the Curve

 Being elected to a condo or HOA board is a great feather in one’s cap, but it’s important to understand what the job requires. To encourage boards to be more  proactive in dispatching their duties, the Florida Department of Business and  …

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Board Operations Boards Underwater
2012 October Boards Underwater

Global financier JP Morgan Chase owes the Keys Gate Community Association, Inc., in Homestead almost $20,000. The bank foreclosed on the borrower of a condominium unit and took title to it, then paid no maintenance fees for almost two y…

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Board Operations Getting Out the Vote
2012 October Getting Out the Vote

 When it comes to running board elections in a condo or co-op community, the  biggest concern among those involved is making sure the elections are fair and  balanced and nobody has a reason to cry foul. Elections can be heated as it is,  …

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Real Estate Trends Revisiting Reverse Mortgages
2012 October Revisiting Reverse Mortgages

 Florida has the highest percentage of seniors in the United States; approaching  20 percent of the state's population is over 55, according to the latest U.S.  Census. And because of the large numbers of senior citizens residing here, The…

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Design Uncommon Areas
2012 October Uncommon Areas

 Curb appeal provides that first impression, the attention-grabbing feature that  all condominium and co-op properties strive for. In Florida, curb appeal  usually starts with a little paint and a lot of native landscaping, plus some  dram…

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Maintenance H2Oversight
2012 October H2Oversight

 Stretching south from Orlando, the Everglades are vital to sustaining Florida’s sensitive ecosystem. To this end, proper water management is critical to  maintaining equilibrium for residents, vegetation and wildlife. In a climate  like s…

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Neighborhoods The Other Hollywood
2012 October The Other Hollywood

 Sunshine state insiders are betting that Hollywood will be the next go-to spot  for locals, tourists and snow birds in search of a South Florida destination  without the attitude, traffic or overcrowded sidewalks of South Beach.   …

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Organizations The Florida Swimming Pool Association
2012 October The Florida Swimming Pool Association

 Floridians are one of the few people that have the privilege to enjoy their pool  practically year round. But before that can happen there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation and maintenance that has to happen to  get those pool faci…

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Q&A: A Condo's Financial Report
2012 October Q&A: A Condo's Financial Report

Q Is a condominium required to produce an annual financial report? If they don't,  what is the recourse? What parts of a financial report do the owners have  access to? If the management doesn't allow me to see the report, what action  ca…

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Q&A: Who Pays for Exterminator?
2012 October Q&A: Who Pays for Exterminator?

Q We have termite problem in our building. One of my neighbors had termites in  early spring, after which another resident got them and now I have them. My  question is the Association responsible for the extermination or the individual  …

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