2013 January
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

The First Annual South Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2013 January The First Annual South Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

Nearly 2,000 people flooded the aisles of the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center to meet more than 240 exhibitors at the first annual South Florida Cooperator Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo. The day was jam-packed as atte…

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Management The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project
2013 January The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project

 Convenience and saving money are just a couple reasons why an association would  choose to self-manage a property. Though, outside managing firms and property  managers are hired and employed for good reason. The job requires collecting  …

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Management Neighbor to Neighbor
2013 January Neighbor to Neighbor

 Can’t we all just get along? Neighbors helping neighbors, associations and residents  working together. When someone moves into a community, they often look for the  friendliness and camaraderie that living in an association brings. But w…

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Management Striving to be the Best
2013 January Striving to be the Best

 According to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, the rate at which real estate professionals in Florida  are seeking licenses has fallen 75 percent in the past five years. Many  professionals believe the decrease…

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Real Estate Trends May I Help You?
2013 January May I Help You?

 For most people, there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything  that needs to be done. We rush to pick the kids up from school, make it to that  impromptu work meeting that just got called or even find the time to grab som…

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Board Operations Dealing with the Difficult
2013 January Dealing with the Difficult

 As an attorney and an apartment dweller, Michelle Freudenberger has seen it all  when it comes to living with difficult residents.    “I lived next door to twin toddlers whose parents were both attorneys,” says Freudenberger, princ…

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Neighborhoods Coral Gables, Florida
2013 January Coral Gables, Florida

 Stunning Mediterranean Revivalist architecture, lush tropical foliage, charming  boutiques, world class golf courses, museums, fine art galleries, vintage  trolley cars, white sandy beaches and world class shopping are all hallmarks of  t…

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Q&A: Information, Please?
2013 January Q&A: Information, Please?

Q Previous to the current management company, the board would review the minutes after each meeting and then distribute to all owners. The new management company states that the minutes cannot be distributed until they have been approv…

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Q&A: On Our Terms
2013 January Q&A: On Our Terms

Q I am the president of a condominium association. One of our owners has requested that we amend our bylaws to provide for term limits for board members, requiring them to stay off the board for a year after serving three terms. Is thi…

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Q&A: Illegal Renter?
2013 January Q&A: Illegal Renter?

Q We currently have a renter that was sneaked in by the owner. What is the proper way of addressing this and what are our legal rights? Can there be fines made to the owner? How can the unscreened renter be removed? —Concerned i…

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