2013 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance FEMA Funding 101
2013 July FEMA Funding 101

*Editor's note:  In anticipation of Hurricane Irma's possible landfall in Florida later this week, The South Florida Cooperator is featuring a selection of past articles on storm preparation, emergency planning, and post-storm clean-up. Fl…

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Finance Watch Your Language
2013 July Watch Your Language

 A major building rehabilitation for a large condominium community included  impact-resistant replacement windows, at a six-figure cost for materials alone.  The owners’ association advanced money to the contractor to buy the windows. When…

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Finance Coping with Arrears
2013 July Coping with Arrears

 The foundation of any properly run co-op or condo building rests on residents  paying their monthly maintenance fees on time and in full, with no delays or  delinquencies. Unfortunately, because of the lingering effects of the Recession  …

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Finance Follow the Money
2013 July Follow the Money

 If you want to find out about the history of a town, region or country, head to  a museum or look it up on the Internet. If you want to find out about your  family’s history, look at your photo album, whether it’s in a book or online. And…

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Management Crowd Control
2013 July Crowd Control

 Out of nowhere, someone is regularly using the parking space you have had for  years. And strangers are appearing regularly in your building’s hallways, though you’re not sure where they belong or if they should even be there. Strangely, …

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Q&A: Sue Me!
2013 July Q&A: Sue Me!

Q I live in an association in southern Florida that is rather small. The board  recently got threatened with a lawsuit from a unit owner, and while we'll be  consulting an attorney soon, we're not sure how to interact with the unit owner …

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Q&A: Changing Taxable Designation?
2013 July Q&A: Changing Taxable Designation?

Q I have a question. Although we are a cooperative (in the state of Florida), we  are a "For Profit" corporation. Is it possible to change to a "Not for Profit"  corporation? And what does that require?    —Converting in Coral Gables…

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