2015 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Programs

Recreational Amenities Making the Most of Common Spaces
2015 May Making the Most of Common Spaces

There are many reasons why people choose to live in a condo building or homeowner’s association. It might be the building’s close proximity to a job or family, or maybe the resident would prefer for someone else to mow the lawn, fix the ro…

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Recreational Amenities Seasonal Amenities Maintenance
2015 May Seasonal Amenities Maintenance

South Florida’s seasons, with the exception of summer, don’t really resemble the spring, summer, autumn, and winter observed by most areas of the United States. Those traditional seasons are governed by both the weather, and to a certain d…

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Recreational Amenities Unique Amenities
2015 May Unique Amenities

These days, buying a new condominium might mean access not only to your dream home but also to the kind of high-end amenities that can transform a beautiful home into a spectacular one. At least that is the goal of developers and boards se…

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Recreational Amenities Programming for Every Age
2015 May Programming for Every Age

When it comes to offering social programs and amenities to a community, residents' wants, needs and preferences can run the gamut. For board members and property managers, having programs in place that cater to the collective—toddlers to o…

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Q&A Q&A: How Do We Set Up a Reserve Fund?
2015 May Q&A: How Do We Set Up a Reserve Fund?

Q I am the board president of a condo association in Miami, Florida. I think it’s a great idea and fiscally prudent, as well, to have a reserve fund to take care of any unexpected expenditures that might arise. However, the residents in o…

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Q&A Q&A: Hitting a Sea Wall
2015 May Q&A: Hitting a Sea Wall

My husband and I were not allowed to vote on a special assessment for a non-emergency sea wall. I believe this is in violation of Homeowner's Covenant and Florida Statutes 720.303. In 2011, the majority of our five-member board, who represe…

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