2016 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Exterior Maintaining Roofs
2016 March Maintaining Roofs

A building’s roof serves as the first line of defense against whatever the skies throw at its inhabitants—wind, rain and blazing sun, even snow and ice in some climates—so it’s crucial for that roof to be sound and well maintained. All it t…

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Exterior Cleaning Windows
2016 March Cleaning Windows

Even after the rain is gone, you may still not be able to see clearly—if your windows haven’t been washed lately, that is. Even if you have the greatest views in the entire complex and your windows are dirty, your views might as well be a b…

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Exterior Utility Hazards
2016 March Utility Hazards

There are certain perils—fires, major weather events, and so forth—that announce themselves clearly; others are more subtle, if no less hazardous. Things like gas leaks, electrical shorts and surges, and water leaks may not be as dramatic a…

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Exterior Managing Owners' Renovations
2016 March Managing Owners' Renovations

All you have to do is turn on the TV these days to know how popular kitchen and bathroom renovations have become. Backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, subway tiles, granite countertops, glass-enclosed showers, soaking tubs—the list of …

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Q&A Q&A: Wait Just a Minute Here?
2016 March Q&A: Wait Just a Minute Here?

Q. Previous to the current management company, the board would review the minutes after each meeting and then distribute them to all of the owners. The new management company now states that the minutes cannot be distributed until they ha…

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Q&A Q&A: Contractor Blues
2016 March Q&A: Contractor Blues

Q. I recently hired an outside contractor to do some repairs in my condominium unit. Now, my building management is accusing said contractor of damaging the door to the unit. My contractor is not aware of the damage or and doesn’t believe…

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Q&A Q&A: Is Disabled Access Required?
2016 March Q&A: Is Disabled Access Required?

Q. I own a condo in Hollywood, Florida. It is approximately 50-60 years old. All told, there are seven commercial units within the building and around 260 residential units. We are NOT remodeling the building. We want to follow all the ne…

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Q&A Q&A: Secret Taping of Meetings
2016 March Q&A: Secret Taping of Meetings

Q. We have recently found that a member of our co-op's board of directors had covertly taped the conversations during a board meeting and a board interview with a prospective purchaser. We have also learned that she has submitted this tap…

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