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Landscaping New and Improved
2011 July New and Improved

Soaring 42 stories above South Pointe Park on Miami Beach, the Continuum on South Beach South Tower condominium offers commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Port of Miami, and downtown Miami. The luxurious building, comp…

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Landscaping The Arbor Day Foundation
2011 July The Arbor Day Foundation

 Since its founding in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) has been steadfast in  its mission to "plant, nurture, and celebrate trees."    The organization, with founder John Rosenow still at the helm, is active in  educating the p…

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Landscaping A Rock and a Hard Place
2011 July A Rock and a Hard Place

 Landscaping is a vital part of an association’s curb appeal and a driving force in attracting new residents to live there.  When most people think of landscaping, they think of dew-covered green lawns,  shrubs and trees, meticulously main…

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Landscaping Don't Bug Me!
2011 July Don't Bug Me!

In 1513, conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon landed in what would eventually become St. Augustine and promptly staked a claim for Spain. The Spaniards found the peninsula teeming with life—plants, birds, fish—and insects of all descriptions…

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Landscaping Greening Your Lawn
2011 July Greening Your Lawn

 There are many reasons why homebuyers choose to live in a residential  neighborhood, whether their home itself is a townhouse, villa, or single family  home. Some people simply enjoy the freedom of not being in a multifamily  building, wh…

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Maintenance Q&A: Implementing Smoking Rules
2011 April Q&A: Implementing Smoking Rules

Q The board has just implemented a new ban on smoking. However, they have indicated that those shareholders who smoke and were shareholders prior to the effective date will still be allowed to smoke in their own units, but not on t…

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Maintenance Q&A: What is the Function of Proxies?
2011 April Q&A: What is the Function of Proxies?

Q Can a proxy only vote or are they allowed to take part in any discussion or offer opinions? —Vocal Voter A “For condominium associations in Florida,” says Roberto C. Blanch, a partner in the Coral Gables-based l…

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Maintenance Q&A: Boards and Contract Dealings
2011 April Q&A: Boards and Contract Dealings

Q How about a board president who creates a landscape contract specifically designed for his brother-in-law so that no other company can bid on it? The cost is a difference overpayment of $13,000 a year. This president also states …

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Maintenance Association Management  and Property Maintenance
2011 April Association Management and Property Maintenance

 The most important contribution that professional management can make to a  client property and its owners is the protection and enhancement of the  property’s quality of life and its investment value. It is from these primary fiduciary o…

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Maintenance More Than Just Monkey Bars
2011 April More Than Just Monkey Bars

 Often when we think of the “good old days,” thoughts of a time before cell phones, Facebook and GPS come to mind, when kids  played in public parks stocked with swing sets, monkey bars and maybe (if you  were lucky) a basketball hoop and …

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