2011 July
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping Greening Your Lawn
2011 July Greening Your Lawn

 There are many reasons why homebuyers choose to live in a residential  neighborhood, whether their home itself is a townhouse, villa, or single family  home. Some people simply enjoy the freedom of not being in a multifamily  building, wh…

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Landscaping Don't Bug Me!
2011 July Don't Bug Me!

In 1513, conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon landed in what would eventually become St. Augustine and promptly staked a claim for Spain. The Spaniards found the peninsula teeming with life—plants, birds, fish—and insects of all descriptions…

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Landscaping A Rock and a Hard Place
2011 July A Rock and a Hard Place

 Landscaping is a vital part of an association’s curb appeal and a driving force in attracting new residents to live there.  When most people think of landscaping, they think of dew-covered green lawns,  shrubs and trees, meticulously main…

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Landscaping The Arbor Day Foundation
2011 July The Arbor Day Foundation

 Since its founding in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) has been steadfast in  its mission to "plant, nurture, and celebrate trees."    The organization, with founder John Rosenow still at the helm, is active in  educating the p…

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Landscaping New and Improved
2011 July New and Improved

Soaring 42 stories above South Pointe Park on Miami Beach, the Continuum on South Beach South Tower condominium offers commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Port of Miami, and downtown Miami. The luxurious building, comp…

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Landscaping A Mighty Wind
2011 July A Mighty Wind

With the last major hurricane to hit the state of Florida occurring back in 2005, it’s a somewhat natural phenomenon for Floridians to become more and more complacent with each passing “quiet” hurricane season. However, the recent spate…

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Management The Neighborly Thing
2011 July The Neighborly Thing

 When condo association budgets get tight, the logical approach is to cut  spending wherever it will hurt the least. No board or property manager wants to  reduce services or take away amenities, yet in the fallout from the Great  Recessio…

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Management Community Manager Triage
2011 July Community Manager Triage

“My refrigerator doesn’t keep the food cold.” “The child in the apartment above me screams and bangs the walls.” “Call the police. There’s a suspicious person walking through the community.” The foregoing lis…

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Landscaping Prioritizing Projects
2011 July Prioritizing Projects

 When money is tight, consumers typically put away their credit cards and take  stock—cutting out non-essentials, such as dining out and luxurious vacations—to make ends meet. Strapped homeowners will limit their funds to emergency  repair…

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Landscaping Boca Raton, Florida
2011 July Boca Raton, Florida

When many people hear about Boca Raton their first images are that of happy senior citizens enjoying their twilight years playing shuffleboard, bingo and going to restaurants at 4:30 in the afternoon to enjoy the 'early-bird special.' …

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Landscaping Q&A: Who's Responsible for Maintenance?
2011 July Q&A: Who's Responsible for Maintenance?

Q Please comment on the changing of the exterior portions of the condominium, i.e., walls, doors, windows and air conditioners. What is the responsibility of the management company and the owner? Can an owner be sued for installing a new…

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Landscaping Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Children
2011 July Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Children

Q I live in a 3-floor, 4-room,30-unit condo, mostly 50-plus, with the only family with children (ages two and  three) living on the third floor above me.For the past year there has been an excessive amount of constant running;  playing on…

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