2012 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance Papers, Please
2012 March Papers, Please

Whether it is redesigning light fixtures in a common space or replacing a roof, repair jobs and capital improvement projects are like death and taxes: they're inevitable. Though an HOA's property manager most often handles the hiring of…

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Maintenance All Hands on Deck
2012 March All Hands on Deck

During the building boom of the 1980s, 90s, and early 2000s, condominium developments all across the country were trying to give their units a little edge. Some added upgraded cabinetry and flooring. Others included high-end appliances…

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Maintenance Let There Be Light
2012 March Let There Be Light

As recently as the 1930’s, only 68 percent of American homes had electricity. By the middle of the last century however, most Americans enjoyed well-lighted homes, and the light had started to spread outdoors as well. Initially, yards a…

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Maintenance Concrete Concerns
2012 March Concrete Concerns

Florida does not have the harsh winters of the north, where thawing and freezing take their toll on concrete. But corrosion of concrete is an issue in South Florida, and homeowner associations need to ensure that the concrete making up …

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Maintenance Prepping Your Outdoor Amenities
2012 March Prepping Your Outdoor Amenities

Thanks to its tropical climate, erratic weather changes are nothing new to Southern Florida residents. There are cold fronts from November through March, and if that’s not enough, the hurricane season is kind enough to coincide with the…

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Real Estate Trends Best Impessions
2012 March Best Impessions

As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and for homebuyers, that first impression is almost always the view from the street. No matter how deluxe the accommodations inside, if the property’s ext…

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Neighborhoods Palm Beach, Florida
2012 March Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beachers may have been rocked by the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme scandal (More than a few islanders had losses in the eight figures) but the tony island, 65 miles north of Miami on Florida’s east coast still boasts, multi-million d…

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Q&A: Renter's Rights?
2012 March Q&A: Renter's Rights?

Q We have an owner in our condominium association who is several months behind in his fees. He currently has a tenant in his unit. The association pays the bill for his water, sewage, pool and other amenities. Do we as an association ha…

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Q&A: Banding Together
2012 March Q&A: Banding Together

Q If a co-op gets the run around from its board about finances, and there is evidence of mismanagement, how can a resident shareholder organize to get other residents together and collectively hire their own attorney to represent them? …

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