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Exterior Don't Neglect Essentials
2013 March Don't Neglect Essentials

 It's a common enough story: the condominium was relatively new, but from the  start its board of directors was stingy with maintenance and repair dollars.  Then the recession struck, and a large percentage of unpaid maintenance fees  spik…

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Exterior What Lies Beneath
2013 March What Lies Beneath

 Land in Florida, especially South Florida, is comprised of loose, sandy soil,  and low water tables. That, plus the area’s proximity to the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean have always made it a difficult place  to build on. That’s why almost all …

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Exterior Keeping the Rain Off
2013 March Keeping the Rain Off

 After the four walls of a given structure, the roof is sometimes referred to as  the “fifth plane”—and just like the walls that hold it up, the roof is an all-important structure  that can make or break a building’s performance. Florida’s…

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Maintenance Breathe In, Breathe Out
2012 November Breathe In, Breathe Out

 Few things are as important to our health and well-being as the air we breathe,  especially inside our own homes. That is why it is so important for individual  homeowners as well as management to stay up-to-date on issues of indoor air  …

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Maintenance The Water Way
2012 November The Water Way

 As we go about our busy lives, we often forget about the plain facts of life  here on this spinning globe: gravity creates an unceasing tension in the  materials we assemble into buildings and other structures. Whether or not we  are payi…

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Building Smart Buildings, Smart Boards
2012 November Smart Buildings, Smart Boards

 If phones can be “smart,” why not buildings? With the ever-expanding array of consumer technology  available today, it should come as no surprise that residential buildings are  incorporating more and more cutting-edge technology into the…

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Building Caring for Your Exterior
2012 November Caring for Your Exterior

 Southern Florida's homeowner associations may not have to deal with much in the  way of snow and ice when it comes to protecting and repairing their concrete  and stucco surfaces, but they certainly aren't off the hook just because  blizz…

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Building Covering Your Bases
2012 November Covering Your Bases

 Warranties for products are simple to understand, most people might think. You  go to the store, buy a computer or a DVD player or a TV, or even a larger  appliance like a refrigerator, and you get a piece of paper describing a  one-year …

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Maintenance H2Oversight
2012 October H2Oversight

 Stretching south from Orlando, the Everglades are vital to sustaining Florida’s sensitive ecosystem. To this end, proper water management is critical to  maintaining equilibrium for residents, vegetation and wildlife. In a climate  like s…

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Maintenance The Sound & the Fury
2012 August The Sound & the Fury

 Noise is a key quality-of-life problem for almost anyone living in a  densely-packed urban environment. It's the bane of many a condo-dweller’s existence, and over the years engineers, architects, and designers have tried  any number of w…

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