2012 December
Focus on... Safety & Security/Expo

The South Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2012 December The South Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

 The South Florida Cooperatorand Yale Robbins, Inc. warmly welcome you to The South Florida Cooperator’s first annual South Florida Condo, HOA, & Co-op Expo.    The South Florida Cooperator’s Expo is the largest event of its kind in…

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Security Too Hot to Handle
2012 December Too Hot to Handle

 The discovery of fire is considered a major turning point in man's evolution  from cave dweller to outer space explorer. Control of fire allowed early man  warmth for his habitat, a way to cook his meals, and light for his  surroundings. …

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Security Staying Safe
2012 December Staying Safe

For most people, nothing is more important than knowing that they and their families are safe and secure in the place they call home. Boards, management and security firms all must work together seamlessly and cohesively to create that…

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Security A Private Matter
2012 December A Private Matter

 The issue of intellectual property and an individual’s right to privacy has become a greater concern since more and more people  conduct their lives online—whether for banking, social media or dating. While the aforementioned generally  h…

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Security Who Watches the Watchmen?
2012 December Who Watches the Watchmen?

 Back in the 1980s, McGruff the Crime Dog taught children and parents alike to “Take a bite out of crime.” The tough but affable, anthropomorphic bloodhound was created by the Ad Council  for the National Crime Prevention Council and used …

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Real Estate Trends Good News Ahead?
2012 December Good News Ahead?

 Local realtors are confident that opportunities await buyers and sellers alike  in South Florida’s 2013 residential real-estate market. The doldrums of the 2006-2010 recession  may finally be in the rear-view mirror. Although prices are t…

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Board Operations Meeting Masters
2012 December Meeting Masters

 Disorganized and poorly-run board meetings are time-wasters that can make even  the most ardent board member cringe at the thought of an upcoming session. On  the flip side, a well-run board meeting can be a productive hour or two or  thr…

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Real Estate Trends Getting to Know All of You
2012 December Getting to Know All of You

 Whether you're in an urban high-rise or a sprawling suburban condo development,  it can be hard for a new resident to get to know their neighbors. Do you strike  up a conversation in the elevator or the laundry room, or hang around the  b…

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Finance By the Book
2012 December By the Book

 Unless you have a degree in accounting, your first board meeting could come as a  bit of a shock. You probably knew board members oversee the finances of your  association but who knew there were so many records to produce and filing  dea…

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Design New Life for Unused Rooms
2012 December New Life for Unused Rooms

 Media room, game room, common room, party room—regardless of what you call them, the purpose of these shared spaces in co-ops  and condos is to give residents a place to gather; to hold an in-house meeting,  throw a graduation party or sc…

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Management Emergency Prepardness 101
2012 December Emergency Prepardness 101

 While the basics of preventing—and surviving—common disasters like fires or severe weather events should be well known to  anybody living in a community association or planned development, the reality  is that each building community is e…

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Board Operations Please Come to Order
2012 December Please Come to Order

 In a community association or HOA meeting, without procedural rules and  organization, it’s amazing how quickly a room full of adults can devolve into a room full of  toddlers—everyone talking over one another and no one listening, insuri…

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Management A Management Checklist
2012 December A Management Checklist

 How can you tell whether the on-site property manager at a condominium or  homeowners association community is doing a good job? And what is “a good job”? Whether a manager is well-liked and whether he or she manages well may not be  the …

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Management Inventory Control
2012 December Inventory Control

 You may not realize it, but your building may be hemorrhaging money. Not in the  form of disastrous lawsuits or maintenance crises like a collapsed roof or  exploded boiler, but in a steady trickle coming from your method of ordering  sup…

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Neighborhoods Hialeah, Florida
2012 December Hialeah, Florida

Glenn Curtis the aviation pioneer was quoted as saying, “All roads lead to Hialeah.” Centuries prior to this quote the Seminole and the Muskogee were already inhabiting the area. In fact, the city's name is most commo…

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Organizations The National Fire Protection Association
2012 December The National Fire Protection Association

 Fire in the home can be an absolutely terrifying and life-altering occurrence.  In 2011, there were 1,389,500 fires reported in the United States. These fires  caused 3,005 civilian deaths, 17,500 civilian injuries, and $11.7 billion in  …

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Q&A: Looking for Information
2012 December Q&A: Looking for Information

Q I own a condo unit and recently I asked to get a copy of my building's insurance policy. The board's management told me that they only give this information out when an owner is buying, selling or refinancing, none of which I am doing…

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2012 December Q&A

Q I am on the board of a condominium association. A majority of the board members desire for one director to step down. We have 12 units, and 11 of them were either willing to meet at a proposed date for a board meeting. The sole person…

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